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Expo '74

Spokane is the smallest city to ever have hosted a World's Fair. Expo '74 helped make Riverfront Park what it is today.

Gonzaga University

Spokane is home to both a medical school and a law school, and Gonzaga's basketball team in one of the best in the nation. #GoZags!


Hoopfest is the largest outdoor 3-on-3 competition in the WORLD, and it's held each june, only in Spokane.


Spokane is home to Lilac Bloomsday, a 12km timed road race. 50,000 people participate in the event each May!

Dodd House

Spokane is home to Father's Day! Sonora Dodd Started the holiday on June 19th, 1910.

Spokane's Riverfront Park

Spokane is the 2nd largest city in Washington and the largest between Seattle and Minneapolis.

A Modern City with a Small Town Feel

Spokane's population is about 204,000 people, and the greater Spokane County's population is 450,000. The city is known for its big city amenities with a small town feel.

All American City

In 2004, Spokane was voted an All-American City.

Spokane's Climate

Spokane has great weather! With about 174 sunny days a year and an average summer temp of 83*, you'll find lots of ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Fishing in Spokane

Spokane is surrounded by lakes and rivers where you can go fishing and boating.

Spokane Landscapes

Spokane and surrounding counties are home to open forest lands and properties are always for sale.

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