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10 Must-Join Facebook Groups in Spokane

Updated: May 15, 2020

Spokane has the BEST Facebook Groups!

Facebook Groups are currently used by more than half of all Facebook users, according to Forbes, on at least a monthly basis, and it’s easy to see why. Groups are a great way to interact with like-minded people, no matter what you’re into. There are groups for buying and selling, dating, dog lovers, sports fans, hiking, biking, and triking. But while groups are growing in popularity, many people still aren’t taking advantage of Groups’ awesome power. Joining the right group is like winning the Golden Ticket to experience your city in a richer, more diverse and complete manner.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 must-join groups in Spokane to get the most out of the Lilac City (in no specific order):

  1. Spokane Foodies - 4,492 members With an eclectic mix of restaurant photos, recommendations, recipes and humble brag photos, Spokane Foodies is a treasure trove for food lovers. It’s easy to fall into a rut of eating at the same restaurants, or cooking the same few key meals. But if you’re a part of Spokane Foodies, you’ll never run short of ideas for awesome new foods and drinks to try. Go ahead, take a bite!

  2. Spokane Speaks Freely About Spokane Stuff - 12,460 members If you live, work, or play in Spokane, you’ll want to be a part of Spokane Speaks Freely. Members post a variety of content like local events, great places to eat, local hiking and camping information, and even a few “what the heck in this plant growing in my yard?!” photos. In other words, it’s a one-stop-shop for everything Spokane. 

  3. PNW Beer Lovers - 2,299 members The Pacific Northwest is known for its beauty, coffee, and perhaps most enjoyably, its beer! If local beer is your jam, you’ll find PWN Beer Lovers to be a valuable resource for discovering and discussing new microbrews. The group has a fun vibe and the beer related content comes in a variety of forms. Enjoy responsibly!

  4. Spokane CDA Singles - 3,000 members This is definitely not the group for those rockin’ a wedding band, but it’s a spunky, friendly place for singles in the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene areas. This group is a great alternative to dating apps like Tinder/Grindr/Bumble/Hinge and provides a more “real” look at the singles in the area, due to the highly social nature of Groups. Might as well give it a peek!

  5. I Love Spokane Because… - 5,946 members If you’re looking for the best Spokane has to offer, I Love Spokane Because probably has a photo or two of it posted already. This group has a decidedly positive spin and is heavy on photos, positive news, and events. It’s more than just a place to appreciate Spokane, it’s a place to learn about and discover the hidden corners of the Lilac City. 

  6. PNW Photography - 19,381 members True to its name, PNW Photography is a group to share photos of all the Pacific Northwest has to offer. From urban showcases to wild Oregon coastlines, you’ll find stunning photos representing the diversity of the PNW. This group is a great place to discover your next vacation weekend, whether you’re into hiking and camping or urban exploration.

  7. New Spokane Free Classifieds - 32,772 While there are many “buy/sell/trade” groups in Spokane, New Spokane Free Classifieds is the largest. You’ll find just about anything you’re looking for here, with the obvious exception of illegal or regulated items (like marijuana and adult entertainment). So before you drag that couch to Goodwill, consider selling it for $30 in New Spokane Free Classifieds! 

  8. Spokane & CDA Small Business & Events - 2,054 members If you own a business and want to network with other local business owners, Spokane & CDA Small Business & Events is the place to do it. Group posts range from B2B business promotions, sales pricing, and event notices. Small business owners are welcome to pop in, say hello, and share their goods. 

  9. Washington State Hiking, Trails, and the Great Outdoors - 6,460 members This group is dedicated to putting on some boots and hitting the trails throughout the great state of Washington. Members will find photos, videos, and blogs about different trails in the area, as well as questions and recommendations about the best trails. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a complete novice, you’ll find invaluable information here.

  10. PNW Outdoor Women - 37,124 members Sorry gents, this one isn’t for you! Ladies, PNW Outdoor Women is a haven for everything outdoors with the unique perspective of other adventuring women. Traveling, camping, and hiking solo can present unique adventures and unique challenges, but roadblocks are nothing more than speed bumps when you have a network of women behind you, so join PWN Outdoor Women and join the tribe.

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