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5 Surprising Reasons to Live on Acreage

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

5 Surprising Benefits to Living on Acreage

Living a hectic city life might be bad for your happiness and health, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO reports that 91% of Americans live in areas where air pollution exceeds the agency’s guidelines. Furthermore, a meta-study that reviewed 20 studies conducted over 35 years found that people in cities suffer from mood disorders and anxiety at a disproportionately high rate.

For many living in bigger cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, these stats can resonate all too clearly. Pollution, traffic, and a constantly on-the-go culture can take a toll, which is why many more and more people are choosing to have a weekend home on acreage outside of the city, especially around Spokane.

Here’s 5 more benefits to living on acreage outside the city:

You’ll finally have privacy

Privacy is hard to get in the city. City living automatically comes with neighbors, which means worrying about the volume of your music, and what can be seen through your windows and fences. On the other hand, when you live on acreage you’re unlikely to see or hear your neighbors from your own house. And if you can’t see them, they can’t see or hear you, either.

But privacy isn’t just about not being seen or heard. It gives you a degree of freedom that you can’t have in the city. You can truly relax inside your home and on your land, free from judgement. You can breathe and just be yourself.

You can grow your own food

Gardening is a beloved pass-time, and getting out in the clean air and sunshine while doing something relaxing and enjoyable is good for your mental and physical health. If you have a small backyard garden where you grow a sampling of different fruits and vegetables, you’ll love having the space to really take your garden to the next level.

Green houses can be affordable and easy to construct, and will allow you to grow year-round. This way, you can have a continuous supply of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. As an added benefit, growing your own food adds plants that filter the air and reduces the pollution that comes from trucks transporting food across the country.

For an extra bonus, plant fruit trees like peach, plumb, and apricot around the border of your yard for more food options and as an added layer of privacy. Plus, you can use uneaten fruit to make jams, jellies, and homemade wine!

Go hiking right from your door

When you live on acreage, especially in places like Saddle Mountain Ranches, there are hiking trails straight from your property. Wake up, take a 30 minute hike around the “neighborhood,” and start your day off on the right foot! Plus, if you’re looking for something a little more involved, you’ll find yourself close to state parks like Bowl and Pitcher in Riverside State Park.

You’ll be able to get the exercise you need and want, without the commute.

Access to nature is good for stress

According to Harvard Health, taking a walk in the forest helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Because these ailments are so common for city dwellers, the benefits of moving onto acres of forest land can be profound. Just walking around your own property can help stave off a bad mood, plus you can’t beat views like these!

Living on forest land also means that you’ll be significantly helping your lungs and overall physical health by breathing cleaner, fresher air. The WHO has equated breathing city air to smoking a pack of cigarettes every single day. You will quite literally breathe easier when you live on acreage.

Build your dream house

If you buy forest acreage around Spokane, you’ll be able to build your house exactly like you always wanted. You can find and use a builder of your choice, or ask for a recommendation from your real estate agent. You can choose a pre-planned house and select the upgrade and alterations you want, or go with something completely custom built. Either way, your new home will be the perfect addition to your forest haven.

Looking at Land

With short commuter flights, it’s easy to live the slow life outside of Spokane, and still commute to work in the bigger west coast cities -- an option that’s becoming more common every day. If you’re interested in seeing some of the options for buying acreage in Spokane, start with a simple search here. With these options, you’re still only 30-40 minutes from the city, giving the perfect balance of secluded nature and city convenience.

To learn more about the process of buying land and building a home, check out this quick minute-long beginner’s guide video.

The Real Estate Agent Spokane Team

Carrie Meyer, leader of the Real Estate Agent Spokane Team, transferred to real estate after a 30+ year career as a paralegal (Certified Legal Assistant). Her combined experience in law and real estate makes her a tour de force in contracts and negotiations.

Wendy Smith, team member, has lived all over the country before finding her forever home in Spokane. Wendy pairs her real estate experience with a background in customer service to provide an exemplary client experience for both buyers and sellers.

The Real Estate Agent Spokane Team is dedicated to sharing and promoting everything great about Spokane! We believe that Spokane is the best city in America, and there are so many reasons why. That’s why we dedicate our blog, Facebook, and YouTube channel to highlighting the best that Spokane has to offer. Be sure to follow along with us for more insider updates on events, dining and nightlife, and outdoor activities in Spokane.

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