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Introducing Helping Heroes by Real Estate Agent Spokane

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Find Out if You Qualify!

Carrie Meyer, Real Estate Agent Spokane, is excited to announce the launch of her new Helping Heroes program, aimed at giving back to those who we depend on each and every day in Spokane.

Helping Heroes gives up to $1,000 cash at closing to our local heroes: teachers, healthcare workers, police officers, Fire Fighters, together with our military service members.

How are we Helping Heroes?

Helping Heroes is a program exclusively available through Carrie Meyer of the Real Estate Agent Spokane team with Kestell Co. Realtors. Helping Heroes gives qualifying participants up to $1,000 cash back at closing, whether they’re buying or selling a home or lot (acreage) in the greater Spokane area.

This offer is only available with the Real Estate Agent Spokane team in the Spokane, Washington area.

Who Qualifies for the Helping Heroes Program?

If you are currently a:

  • Teacher

  • Healthcare worker

  • Police officer

  • Fire Fighter

  • Military service member or military veteran

You qualify for the Helping Heroes program with Real Estate Agent Spokane!

Please be expected to provide proof of eligible employment/service status at the onset of the transaction.

Helping Heroes offers cash at closing to qualified participants. The Helping Heroes payment is valid for both buying and selling.

How Much Do I Qualify For?

The Helping Heroes program has two simple pricing structures:

  • Buy or sell a home at $300,000.00 or above and receive $1,000 cash at closing

  • Buy or sell a home at $299,999.99 or below and receive $500 cash at closing

Have More Questions?

Reach out directly to Carrie Meyer at Real Estate Agent Spokane at (509) 868-1077 or

Real Estate Agent Spokane

Carrie Meyer, leader of the Real Estate Agent Spokane Team, transferred to real estate after a 30+ year career as a paralegal (Certified Legal Assistant). Her combined experience in law and real estate makes her a tour de force in contracts and negotiations.

The Real Estate Agent Spokane Team is dedicated to sharing and promoting everything great about Spokane! We believe that Spokane is the best city in America, and there are so many reasons why. That’s why we dedicate our blog, Facebook, and YouTube channel to highlighting the best that Spokane has to offer. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more insider updates on events, dining and nightlife, and outdoor activities in Spokane!

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May 17, 2021

wow! great information. thank you for sharing with us. it is very useful to for grow their business.

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