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The Best Ways to Exercise This Winter

Getting and Staying Fit in Spokane

If you’re feeling bogged down with the winter blues, you aren’t alone. It’s that time of year when the snow seems like it will stick around forever, and getting outdoors might not be too high on the list. But between the yucky weather and all those christmas cookies you ate, you might be thinking - it’s time to hit the gym!

If running or lifting weights just isn’t your thing, you’re in luck! Spokane is known for the active, healthy, and adventurous lifestyle it affords - take advantage of that this winter to get your rear in gear with these winter-approved activities! 

In the Studio

If you’re looking for indoor activities but are more of the class over team type, you might find yourself at home in one of Spokane’s various studios. The City of Spokane offers classes all winter long in a variety of indoor activities. A few options are from the city’s 2020 winter catalogue are:

Basic Yoga

With programs starting in January and March, this 6-week class is bound to get your body in motion! Yoga is more than simple stretching; the practice of working through the various asanas strengthens and stretches your muscles at the same time. Perfect for those who have been sitting on the couch all winter, spend too much time in front the computer for work, or just want a happier, healthier body!

Beginner’s Aikido

For those who want to learn martial arts in a supportive and friendly dojo environment, Beginner’s Aikido is the perfect place to start. The City of Spokane offers a 4 week program that teaches etiquette, footwork, falls, and basic movements. There are class options for beginners of all ages, so be sure that you register for the correct age group!

Adult HipHop Dance

This four-week dance class teaches students how to express themselves through street-style dance moves. Classes are provided in a supportive and family-friendly environment, and classes are available for everyone 14 and over. 

Pilates & Barre

While there aren’t any official city-sponsored pilates and barre programs starting in February, there are a plethora of local options! Pilates and barre are some of the best activities you can do to strengthen and tone your body. The strength gained from these activities helps practitioners stay strong and sturdy for day to day functions, at every age.

Try this Yelp Top 10 List for some well-rated local options.

In the Pool

Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the pool! In fact, swimming is a great way to get exercise in the winter. The low impact nature of water allows you to strengthen muscles and loosen up joints with movements that might otherwise be painful or not possible. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a soak in the jacuzzi afterwards?

North YMCA

With a six-lane, 25-yard pool, you can swim your way to fitness! The North YMCA also features swimming lessons, water fitness classes, and free swim time for kids. Tired of swimming laps? Enjoy the recreational pool, lazy river, jacuzzi, and sauna. Take note that the pool hours are slightly different than regular Y hours, so be sure to check their schedule. 

On the Slopes

If you’re looking to embrace the snow rather than avoid it, then you’ll want to check out the snow sports available in Spokane.


The City of Spokane offers a variety of snowshoe hikes. You can choose from a whole host of options, including night hikes, sunrise hikes, conservation hikes, and adventure hikes. Snowshoeing is a great way to see Spokane in a different light while also getting a killer leg day workout!


Thanks to there being three great ski locations nearby, you have your choice of snow sports, all within driving distance from Spokane. 

The City of Spokane offers classes in cross-country and beginner’s skiing. For those already skilled in the sport, there are advanced level groups and treks hosted by the city and by the local ski resorts. 

Want to know what’s even better than the already awesome skiing and snowboarding opportunities in Spokane? The City of Spokane is looking for volunteers in their Therapeutic Recreation Services (TRS) program. Volunteers get discounted skiing and snowboarding, and get the reward and satisfaction of helping those in their community with disabilities - sweet!

Therapeutic Recreational Services

The City of Spokane offers a whole host of therapeutic recreational activities for those with disabilities. These diverse, inclusive, and fun activities are the perfect way to get out of the house, socialize, and work both body and mind. Check out these city-hosted options:

TRS Day at the Theater

Spokane Children’s Theater and Christian Youth Theater will be putting on light-hearted and laughter-filled productions of classics like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Three Musketeers.

TRS Skiing/Snowboarding Lessons

These one-on-one lessons are adaptive and taught by trainers with PSIA certifications. Lessons teach mono and bi skiing methods for those who need to ski in the sit down position, adaptive snowboarding, and three- and four-track (outriggers) for amputee/balance deficits. There are also lessons available for those with vision or sensory impairments.

TRS Basketball, Powerlifting, Dance, and Swimming Lessons

These multi-week courses provide adaptive lessons for those with a variety of abilities and impairments. While most classes are currently in session, new courses are starting every few weeks. Be sure to check back in February and March for new course openings!

Relocate to Spokane

We think that Spokane is the greatest city in the world, and these are only a few of the reasons why! We also have the best hiking, camping, gambling, and sports! Want to know more about why you should relocate to Spokane? We’ve got lots of spooky and shocking history, out of this world farmer’s markets, lakefront property, and a flourishing wine culture

The Real Estate Agent Spokane Team

Carrie Meyer, leader of the Real Estate Agent Spokane Team, transferred to real estate after a 30+ year career as a paralegal (Certified Legal Assistant). Her combined experience in law and real estate makes her a tour de force in contracts and negotiations.

Wendy Smith, team member, has lived all over the country before finding her forever home in Spokane. Wendy pairs her real estate experience with a background in customer service to provide an exemplary client experience for both buyers and sellers. 

The Real Estate Agent Spokane Team is dedicated to sharing and promoting everything great about Spokane! We believe that Spokane is the best city in America, and there are so many reasons why. That’s why we dedicate our blog, Facebook, and YouTube channel to highlighting the best that Spokane has to offer. Be sure to follow along with us for more insider updates on events, dining and nightlife, and outdoor activities in Spokane.

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