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Why and Where to Thrift Shop in Spokane

Updated: May 15, 2020

Thrifting for the Win: The 5 Best Places to Thrift Shop in Spokane 

Thrift shopping is amazing! Thrifting isn’t just a fun, affordable way to find unique, high quality, and at times, downright quirky items. Thrift shopping is also good for the local economy and the environment! Don’t believe us? Consider these stats:

  • Goodwill’s sales topped $94 million in 2017, and thrift shopping has continued to grow over recent years, in spite of a “healthy” economy (which usually causes a downturn in thrift shopping)

  • In 2018, 1 in every 278 Americans received their job placement through Goodwill

  • The independent, “for profit” thrift store market is also growing, meaning more thriving small businesses - the backbone of the American economy!

Experts have cited a more eco-conscious shopping base, primarily driven by Millennials, for the increase in thrift shopping. For reference: 

  • Goodwill recycled or resold 58 million TONS of goods in 2017

  • Salvation Army recycled or resold 4.3 million TONS of textiles in 2017

  • In 2015 the greenhouse gases from textile production were more than the emissions of all flights and maritime shipping combined

  • According to Hasan Minhaj, “If everyone bought one used item this year instead of new, it could save nearly 6 pounds of CO2 emissions – that’s equivalent to removing half a million cars off the road for a year.”

So, there you have it. Thrift shopping is fun (who doesn’t love the hunt?!), it’s good for the economy, and it helps to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That’s what we like to call a win-win-win! That’s why we’ve compiled this handy list of the 5 best places to thrift shop in Spokane (in no specific order):

  • Fringe & Fray - If you’re on the prowl for high quality, name brand clothing and

accessories at a great price, Fringe & Fray definitely needs to be on your checklist. This thrift shop focuses on quality and only buys undamaged, (and usually)

name brand items. This is thrifting at its peak - like-new items at like-used prices. If you’re looking to resell your clothes for cash or store credit, you’re in luck! Just swing by M-F from 2:00-6:00pm or from 10:00-6:00 on Saturdays. Photo Credit: Fringe & Fray on Facebook 1325 W 1st Ave, suite 102

Spokane, Washington

  • Boulevard Mercantile - The massive two story building that houses Boulevard Mercantile is almost immediately recognizable by most Spokanites , thanks to

its classic red brick construction and iconic mural. If you’ve never been inside, you’ll be blown away by the huge selection of unique home goods upstairs, including ornaments, furniture, decor, and ugly Christmas sweaters. Downstairs, you’ll find a selection of vintage clothes like flannel shirts, military jackets, shoes, and boots, along with a solid vinyl collection. The staff is friendly and the owners are often on site to help you find that special something. 1905 N Monroe St.

 Spokane, Washington 99205

  • Chosen Vintage - With an eclectic mix of clothing from a range of decades, Chosen Vintage is bound to have what you’re looking for. The fan base of Chosen would

describe themselves as vintage shoppers more so than thrifters, and the prices and quality of the clothing available reflects that mindset. Chosen Vintage might not be your cheapest option, but you’ll struggle to find a better selection in the vintage clothing space, making it a great choice for discerning vintage fans. Photo Credit: Chosen Vintage on Facebook

7 W Main.

Spokane, WA 99201

  • Tossed and Found - This fun and spunky shop boasts a collection of antique and modern finds. Most of what you’ll find at Tossed and Found is home goods,

decor, and furniture, with a smattering of clothes and odds ‘n ends. A quick scroll through their Facebook account (link above) shows pieces from a variety of styles and time-periods, including classic antiques, industrial, Mid-Century, western, shabby, and farm. As an added bonus, Tossed and Found is offering extended hours, opening on Sundays, now through Christmas. Photo Credit: Tossed and Found on Facebook 2607 N Monroe St.

Spokane, Washington

  • Rare and Retro Vintage - Part antique store, part thrift shop, and 100% awesome, Rare and Retro houses just about everything, well, rare and retro! You’ll find furniture,

home goods, decor, clothing, ornaments, art, and more, all supported by an enthusiastic and creative staff. Pop in for an antique tea service set, leave with a one-of-a-kind 50’s dress and matching jewelry. Whether you’re searching for something you need or are shopping for gifts, you’ll be hard pressed to leave empty handed! Photo Credit: Rare and Retro on Facebook

27 W Indiana Ave.

Spokane, Washington 99205

We want to know - what’s the coolest thing you’ve ever found at a thrift store?!

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