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How to Make Your Spring Listing Stand Out

Spring is an ideal time to sell a home. It’s a well-known fact that both the number of buyers and inventory increase during the months of April, May, and June. This often means that your house could be paired against stiff competition. Here are some simple real estate tips to help your spring listing stand out!

Stay Ahead of the Home Inspection

If you know that a home inspector will find something wrong with your house, it’s advantageous to get it fixed before the inspection. Potential buyers will appreciate the updates, and it will probably cost you less to have it fixed beforehand. It also reduces the possibility of buyers placing certain contingencies on the contract.

Declutter Indoor Spaces

Have extra clutter accumulated from the winter? Time to purge! Consider donating excess items to a local shelter. Potential buyers are more likely to enjoy your house if it’s clutter-free. Tidy spaces also help rooms appear larger, a win-win for both you and a potential buyer.

Resume Yardwork

It’s time to clean up what winter left behind. Remove all dead leaves and debris from your property. Don’t allow overgrown vegetation to block windows and sidewalks. Trim down large bushes and branches to showcase the exterior of your home. Plant spring flowers in the front, either in a potter or in a bed, to add a pop of color and increase curb appeal.

Deep Clean the Exterior

The exterior is just as important as the interior. Power wash the siding, sidewalk, and driveway. A potential buyer will be much more interested if the siding and walkways are all freshly cleaned. Power washing is also an inexpensive improvement; you can rent a machine for around $50.

Brighten up Your Color Palette

The days are becoming brighter and so should your decor! Catchall accent pieces can be easily replaced to incorporate soft spring colors (yellows, pinks, and lavenders). Bright sofa pillows will lighten up a room and make potential buyers feel more welcome.

Explore Spokane with the Real Estate Agent Spokane Team!

It’s a great time to own a home in Spokane! Whether you’re looking for the perfect kitchen, a walkable neighborhood, great restaurant choices, or the best schools, we can help you find just the spot! Contact the Real Estate Agent Spokane Team today to set up a custom search and learn more about Spokane’s diverse land and housing offerings.

Carrie Meyer, leader of the Real Estate Agent Spokane team, is passionate about Spokane, its history, and your future. She specializes in relocation transactions and helps locals find their perfect home. Carrie has over 30 years’ experience as a Certified Legal Assistant (paralegal) and is an expert at contracts and negotiations.

Start your home search now, or contact us at (509) 774-4060 to learn more about the area and our team!

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