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Washington State's Discover Pass

How and Why to Buy One in Spokane

If you’ve never purchased a Discover Pass in Washington State, you absolutely should! The weather is FINALLY warming up and it’s time to let a little adventure into your life. If you enjoy hiking, camping, or picnics, you’ll want to buy the Discover Pass.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. The Discover Pass gives you access to millions of acres of recreation lands all across Washington State.

  2. Yep, that includes more than 100 developed state parks!

  3. There are more than 350 primitive recreation sites in Washington, including campgrounds and picnic areas. You can access them all with the Discover Pass!

  4. You’ll get access to nearly 700 water-access points for fishing and boating.

  5. The Discover Pass includes nearly 2,000 miles of designated water and land recreation trails. Break out your kayak and hiking boots and get exploring!

  6. Enjoy over 80 natural areas across the state.

  7. Get to know Mother Nature with access to more than 30 wildlife areas.

  8. Last but certainly not least, when you buy the Discover Pass, you are directly helping to fund and keep the state’s wonderful outdoor recreation sites open and accessible to all.

Buying the Discover Pass

The Discover Pass can be purchased in two different durations: daily and annually.

If you’re traveling from out of state, you can purchase a Day-use pass for $10. This gives you full access to everything for one day.

If you live in Washington State, we highly recommend purchasing the Annual pass for only $30. This is a huge deal if you get out with any kind of frequency (literally, 3 or more times a year and the annual pass pays off).

You can buy the Discover Pass online at

The annual pass is good for one year from the purchase date.

Now What?

  1. The Discover Pass needs to be displayed in your vehicle while accessing state lands. The Annual pass is transferable between two vehicles. Simply write the license plate numbers of both vehicles on the pass and display it as required.

  2. Note: the pass can only be used for one vehicle at a time.

  3. Your Discover Pass must be displayed in the front windshield of a street-registered vehicle. The Parks Department recommends that you hand your pass from the rearview mirror with the plate numbers and expiration date facing outwards.

  4. WARNING! If you access state lands without a Discover Pass, you can be fined the full penalty of $99.

  5. The fine may be reduced to $59 by providing proof of purchase of an annual Discover Pass to the court within 15 days after the notice of violation is written.

Where will you use your Discover Pass? Share your recommended spots in the comments below!


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