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A Thirfty Christmas in Spokane

It’s almost Christmas!

If that has your brain reeling in panic, you’re definitely not alone! If you’re looking to grab those last minute gifts and decorations, try checking out some of Spokane’s amazing thrift stores.

Why go thrifty instead of brand new?

Shopping at thrift stores is good for our community! National thrift store chain Goodwill has a whole slew of programs that help provide work, training and education, experience, and stability in local communities. Spokane also has a ton of independently owned thrift stores. Small businesses are the heart and soul of Spokane, and definitely are deserving of an economic boost this holiday season.

Shopping second-hand is also better for the environment. Shopping at thrift stores keeps perfectly good items out of our landfills, and cuts down on the emissions and water waste associated with manufacturing clothes and decorations.

Plus, shopping at thrift stores is a cheaper alternative to heading to big box stores. Goodwill also carries an array of brand-new, never-used items. No matter how you slice it, a thrifty Christmas is a win-win!

Check out these thrift stores currently carrying Christmas decorations and gifts:

If you haven’t been in a Goodwill store in a few years, it’s time to check them out. Goodwill has made significant changes to their stores, now offering brand new, in-package items like gloves, underwear, socks, and household items, as well as designating “high-end” racks where you can find all the name brand and brand new items without digging through each row of clothing.

Goodwill is my favorite place to snag a nice artificial Christmas tree for around $30 (I’ve personally bought two here). They also have a good selection of new, in-package holiday items like lights, stockings, ribbon, and decor, so if you find the perfect item, you’re able to grab as many as you need!

Find your local Goodwill HERE.

The Arc is a whole community movement, in addition to being a top-notch thrift store. You can support their causes, find work, or shop a huge assortment of clothes, home goods, and holiday supplies.

Be sure to stay in touch with the Arc’s various community events by following them on Facebook and Instagram!

Value Village is a tried and true traditional thrift shop. Take advantage of their 20% discount for anyone who drops off a donation on the same day!

Do you have a favorite Spokane thrift shop? Give them a shoutout in the comments!

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Carrie Meyer, leader of the Real Estate Agent Spokane team, is passionate about Spokane, its history, and your future. She specializes in relocation transactions and helps locals find their perfect home. Carrie has over 30 years’ experience as a Certified Legal Assistant (paralegal) and is an expert at contracts and negotiations.

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