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Work Remote or Freelance?

Spokane is where it's at.

It’s no secret that the pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of life in the US, and in many cases, things will never go back to “how they were before.” But, this hasn’t been all bad! One major change to come from recent global events is the transition from office to remote work.

Two years ago, the idea that someone could keep their well-paying city job to work remotely in the countryside was laughable. Today, hundreds of thousands of workers across the US now work permanently from home, in a variety of industries. Huge companies like Google and Twitter, along with smaller local operations have permanently made the switch to remote work.

With this change, it’s no longer necessary to live in a big city (and pay big city prices, sitting in big city traffic) to enjoy the benefits of a big city income. For those who have been yearning for small-town charm and a taste of the slower life, Spokane may be the perfect solution!

Spokane + Remote/Freelance

Spokane is chock-full of coworking spaces! Coworking spaces are an awesome solution for those who don’t want to set up a full home office, or who want to keep their work-life separate from their home life.

You’ll find most offer public working spaces, private desks or offices, conference rooms, high-speed internet, and free coffee. Many also offer monthly events, social mixers, and more, making them not only a great place to be productive but also a foot in the door to make friends and networking connections when you’re new in town.

If you’re looking for something more casual, when you just want to get out of your home office, a coffee shop might be just what you need. And Spokane has a TON of them! Check out spaces like Indaba Coffee that’s a genius mix of coffee shop and workspace, or check out Facebook groups like Spokane Guild Foodies for recommendations.

Save + Invest in Spokane

For many Millennials, the idea of homeownership has become a joke and the subject of many, many memes! According to, the average rent in San Francisco is $2,800 a month for a one-bedroom apartment. It’s no wonder owning a house is out of reach for so many!

On the other hand, here are the Spokane homes currently for sale for under $300,000. Get three bedrooms and a yard for your dog for a fraction of what rent costs in a big tech city. Plus, Spokane continues to grow and housing prices are consistently rising, making your home purchase here a sound investment in the long run.

Small Town Vibes + Big City Amenities

We might be a little biased, but Spokane is the perfect combo of country living and creature comforts! Downtown Spokane has everything, from microbreweries to movie theatres, an Apple Store, and an international airport. But hop in the car and in under an hour you’re hiking in one of our many state parks, or skiing on Mt. Spokane, or picking pumpkins and apples at Green Bluff Farms.

If you want to see more of what it’s like to live in Spokane, check us out on Instagram. Our account is dedicated to showcasing the amazing local businesses and artists that make Spokane great.

Relocate With Confidence

Carrie Meyer, leader of the Real Estate Agent Spokane Team, transferred to real estate after a 30+ year career as a paralegal (Certified Legal Assistant). Her combined experience in law and real estate makes her a tour de force in contracts and negotiations. Carrie specializes in helping individuals and families relocate to Spokane to find their best life.

The Real Estate Agent Spokane Team is dedicated to sharing and promoting everything great about Spokane! We believe that Spokane is the best city in America, and there are so many reasons why. That’s why we dedicate our blog, Facebook, and YouTube channel to highlighting the best that Spokane has to offer. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more insider updates on events, dining and nightlife, and outdoor activities in Spokane!

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