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Spokane Farmers Markets

Summer 2021

One of my absolute favorite things about summer in Spokane is our huge selection of local farmers markets! There are few things I enjoy as much as wandering through the local vendors’ booths on a warm summer evening, with the smell of freshly baked bread and popcorn hanging in the air.

From now through September, there are farmers markets in Spokane every weeknight. No matter what your schedule is, you’ll be able to buy locally grown, fresh, and organic produce while supporting our local farmers!

Here’s a breakdown of the farmers markets in Spokane for 2021:


Hillyard Farmers Market

3:00-7:00pm until October 25th

5102 N. Market St, Spokane


Fairwood Farmers Market

3:00-7:00pm until October 12th

319 W. Hastings Rd., Spokane


Kendall Yards Night Market

5:00-8:00pm until September 30th

1335 W. Summit Pkwy., Spokane

Spokane Farmers Market


20 W. 5th Ave., Spokane

Millwood Farmers Market

3:00-7:00pm until September 30th

Millwood City Park


Perry Street Thursday Market

3:00-7:00pm until October 28th

924 S. Perry St., Spokane


Emerson-Garfield Farmers Market

3:00-7:00pm until September 24th

2310 N. Monroe, Spokane

Which is your favorite farmer’s market? Let us know in the comments (especially if we didn’t list it here)!

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